A Prescription for Divine Disappointment Series (CD)


Have you ever felt like God “let you down” in some areas of your life?   Though you believe in Him, it seems like your prayers and faith are not impacting your current situation for the better.  In this powerful and insightful series, Dr. Smith will provide you with the medicine to handle disappointments that seemingly come from God.   When You Feel Abandoned By God Life can sometimes seem like you have hit a “proverbial wall”, but the good news is there are blessings that come as a result of these necessary experiences. When Trusting God Seems Like A Waste Of Time Things may not always look the way that they appear.  Yet God’s design for your life will ultimately allow you to fulfill your destiny, if you simply Trust Him. When Jesus Isn’t Worth It You can easily determine how much Jesus means to you by simply using this basic biblical template for your life.  You will soon proclaim, “HE’S WORTH IT!” A Prescription For When You Are Disappointed By God Recognize that God will allow you to question Him in your moments of confusion and anger.  Realize that in these moments, you are right where God wants you to be.

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