Flavor of Love (DVD Series)


This latest, life-changing teaching by Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr., will
transition relationships on any level into a clear dimension of
God’s divine favor and anointing!

1. Flavor of Love:  If you desire clarity and understanding about relationships and love
from God’s point of view, this teaching is for you. You will learn how to truly distinguish
the “flavor of love” that God has for you.

2. Staying Sane In An Insane Relationship:  This message will show you how to maintain
clear direction in relationships on all levels, and place you back on the path to obtaining God’s
favor and understanding His purpose in your life.

3. Kill It Before It Kills You: If relationships and life have caused you to have a few “war
wounds” and you’re not sure how to recover, this message is just for you! You will learn
how to overcome and be victorious in Jesus’ name.

4. A Thin Line Between Love and Hate:  Love is a delicate subject, but there is a process
and plan in the Word of God. Understand the emotions and recognize the responsibility
in this powerful sermon on love and hate.

Be transformed by this timeless teaching!

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