Building Our Boys… (CD Series)


The challenge of manhood is to be effectively developed during
the boyhood years.  Absentee fathers, poor role models, and a lack
of self-value can often derail a boy’s future and sometimes scar a
man’s destiny. Dr. Smith masterfully addresses the issues and
concerns that men face daily, and provides remedies within
God’s word to aid men of all ages with the tools to reach back
and build a strong foundation for the boys of this generation.
Simultaneously, providing strength and healing to men for the
journey set before us.

Messages in this four-part series are:

1. When Justice Is Miscarried
2. George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, and You & I
3. Syracuse, Penn State, and The Church
4. Adam, Where Are You?

God desires for men to take their rightful place in the family, the
church, and the world.  Let’s start taking our rightful place TODAY!

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