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Special Moments with Dr. Smith

  • One Day Summit
  • w/Gov and Mrs. Nathan Deal
  • w/Pstrs Emerson and Brum (Brazil)
  • w/C. T. Vivian and Andrew Young
  • Dr. Smith and Guests

The Teacher

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  • EDS Book Signing
  • One Day Summit

The Music

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Actor / Media Producer

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TV Personality

  • "The Preachers" Announcement
  • One Day Summit
Living Hope Broadcast (The Word Network)
  • Living Hope Broadcast
  • Meekness From My Weakness
  • An Unhelpful God
  • Lessons From a Loving Father
  • There's the Runt
  • I Don't Want a Whole One
  • When You're Young and Anointed
  • A Tale of Two Mothers
  • Keeping It Together
  • Dealing with a Dry Season
  • Sowing in a Stinking Situation
  • One Day Summit
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