The Ministry

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  • Preaching Shots
  • Mchael Walrond
  • Ronald Slaughter
  • Melvin Blackwell
  • Charles Jenkins
  • Donald Hilliard, Jr.
  • Kirbyjon H. Caldwell
  • Marvin Winans
  • Titus B. Stewart
  • Dale Bronner
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Special Moments with Dr. Smith

  • Sister
  • Link to Momma Smith's Life Celebration Service
  • Momma Smith's Life Celebration Service
  • w/Monica Pearson, Kevin Costner, Shaq, Angie Stone
  • w/Joel Gregory, David Cooper, Joby Brady, T.D. Jakes
  • w/Gov and Mrs. Nathan Deal
  • w/Pstrs Emerson and Brum (Brazil)
  • w/C. T. Vivian and Andrew Young
  • Dr. Smith and Guests
  • Prayer Request for Dr. Smith (Edwanna)

The Teacher

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  • Livingstone College
  • Princeton Theological Seminary
  • Shaw University
  • E. K. Bailey
  • Life University

The Music

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Actor / Media Producer

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TV Personality

Living Hope Broadcast (The Word Network)

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